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The Walking Chair has been a godsend to me and my family.  My pain levels are way down, my physical fitness is much improved, my cultural opportunities have expanded to the broadest of my life, and I can be a much better husband.  I hope there is a way for others in a similar position to myself to experience similar benefits.



I needed to invent the “Walking Chair” because the walkers currently on the market are really designed to help someone who needs to walk only a few feet, or who have a balance problem that requires support in a number of directions.  These regular walkers, known as “Rollators”, typically have a hard seat, a single metal bar for a backrest, and handholds that require the arm to be straight up and down.  Good for balance, but not good for sitting or for walking any distance, especially over parkland or other uneven terrain.


Further, although Rollators are made in my size, chairs at restaurants, theatres, friends houses, airports, and hotels are often not suited to me and can cause great pain.  I can never count on a suitable chair being where I need to go.  Now I generally have the most comfortable chair in the place.


I had found the sling seats and backs on traditional foldable wheelchairs extremely painful.  The Walking Chair sling seat is rigid and the fabric tense enough that the fabric sags only a little, and the tension is adjustable.  There is something about the “director chair” type sling on a normal wheelchair that allows the area around the spine to compress to the point where it is very painful for me.


Although some large person wheelchairs have gotten lighter, at the time I started this project I was hard pressed to find a portable wheelchair that weighed less than 100 pounds.


The Walking Chair weighs less than 20 pounds.  There is detailed information below the pictures.