Bob Danziger - Video, Music, Sound and a book or two
The Sound of Steinbecks' Chinatown

Sound montage for the Chinese American Exhibition (Steinbeck’s Chinatown) with simple sound log.

Sound montage for the Japanese American Exhibition (Steinbeck’s Japantown in Chinatown), with:
-                Simple sound log; and
-                Annotated sound log (50 page booklet)

Sound montage for the Filipino American Exhibition (Steinbeck and Sounds of the Filipino American Experience), with:
-                Annotated sound log (358 page book)

A film for the International Steinbeck Festival: The Sounds of Steinbeck’s Chinatown (39 minutes)


In the Studio

"Kalimba MagicNEWS

October 9, 2010

Volume 5, Number 7

Bob Danziger of the Bass Kalimba

Bob Danziger is one of those famous kalimba players that I have missed because he isn't an egomaniac and I haven't had my eyes open at the right moments. Something that makes him easy to miss as a kalimba player is all the other things he does: when Bob isn't twiddling his thumbs, he is busy working as a consultant, energy activist, lawyer, inventor, lecturer, artist, photographer, and musician.

OK, OK, Bob contacted me years ago, and I dropped the ball. Sorry Bob, but now I understand why you didn't get back to me sooner - you are a busy guy!

Bob played the box-shaped marimbula (bass kalimba) shown in the photo with Supertramp on the 1999 album "Some Things Never Change", and the Cello-mounted marimbula is a new one he recently made using "a cheap cello and a Stradivarius Musical Saw (for the tines). Notice the curve of the tines. The bridge is ebony."

Find out more about Bob at his web page, or go and get some of his music at CD Baby."

"Live at Leed's" ALbert Lee on flute and Cliff Hugo on bass
Bass Kalimba by Bob Danziger and Grant Harlan
Playing the Kalimba for "Live at Leed's" Albert Lee on flute, Sinclair Lott on drums